Not difficult for president of Iceland to reach the decision to attend the Olympic Games

According to and, Olafur Ragnar president of Iceland did not find it difficult to decide if he wanted to attend the Olympic Games in China or not.

“Sports are an important way for countries to enhance understanding and increase exchanges” said Olafur and added “countries will strengthen communication by participating in the Games, which will also give them an opportunity to have a better understanding of the host country”.

Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson also pointed out that the best way for countries to enhance mutual understanding is to actively conduct international negotiations, adding that hostility and criticism serve no purpose.
President of China Hu Jintao formally invited Grimsson to attend the event during Grimsson’s visit to China in 2006 and China’s president emphasized his invitation when the two leaders met again last year.

This will be the president’s first formal visit after being sworn for his fourth term as president of Iceland. The Olympics will start on the 08.08.08 next week.

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