Babelgum in new Internet TV content deals

Babelgum Internet televisionBabelgum, the global Internet television network, recently announced three new content deals with TV production companies; ZED, Off The Fence and Green TV.

The new content will add over 160 hours of programming to Babelgum’s ‘Nature and Conservation’ community, a leading online resource for educational documentaries on wildlife and the environment.

ZED, a documentary film company, will launch ‘My Planet TV’, a new channel exclusive to Babelgum. The channel will be a central online destination for all of its award-winning international documentaries. Over 100 hours of content will be rolled-out over the next six months including multiple award-winning titles “Becoming a Man”, “Becoming a Woman”, and “Jaglavak prince of insects”.

Off The Fence, the independent non-fiction programming specialist, will make its wildlife documentaries available on the new channel ‘Into the Wild’. Green TV, a web TV channel raising the awareness of environmental issues, will release new programming every month on the new Green TV Channel on Babelgum’s platform.

“The three new deals we are announcing further emphasise our position as a leading player in the Internet TV space,” said Valerio Zingarelli, Babelgum CEO. “Our Nature and Conservation community is going from strength to strength through the expansion of licensed content and the production of our own content through our Digital Studio Initiative.”

Céline Payot, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ZED, said, “Our award-winning documentaries are already recognised around the world and the vast number of internet TV platforms available meant that we spent a long time looking for the right partner. Babelgum’s dedicated communities have become the perfect home for our content online.”

Visit the Babelgum website for more information on free Internet television.