Scandinavia key destination for Spanair

Spanair recently reported that Scandinavia is one of the airline’s key destinations, according to Easier Travel.

Together with codeshare partner SAS Scandinavia Airlines, Spanair is the leading carrier when it comes to the frequency of flights offered between Copenhagen, Stockholm and Spain.

Spanair operate a total of 37 weekly scheduled flights between Copenhagen and destinations in Spain such as Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. On special occasions and during the holidays, Spanair often increases the frequency of their flights to over 40 a week.

This summer Spanair will be offering a total of 19 flights a week between Copenhagen and Barcelona. Business passengers can take advantage of early departure times and later return flights in order to conduct a full day’s business in Spain. For leisure travelers, the flight times allow for the maximum number of flight connections both internally and internationally.

Spanair’s CEO, Marcus Hedblom, said: “Spanair is striving to improve its product between Scandinavia and Spain. With the extra flights that will be operated during the summer season we will provide our clients with the best services, as well as the possibility of flying between Scandinavia and Spain with optimum comfort in terms of connections, timetable and flight flexibility.”