Icelanders biggest web surfers

confused computer keyboardAccording to a new market research study published by AFP, residents of Iceland and Scandinavia are among the top users of the Internet in Europe.

The study was conducted by GfK Market Research Group and found that approximately 88 per cent of those in Iceland over the age of 14 use the internet regularly.

The next top users are in Finland. In Finland, 81 per cent of those over the age of 14 use the internet, while 76 per cent of Norwegians and 76 per cent of those in Denmark use the internet regularly. The survey showed that 73 per cent of those in Sweden use the internet.

The lowest users of the internet in Western Europe were the Maltese, with just a quarter of the population regularly using the internet. Spain has only 35 per cent of their population regularly going online, while Portugal had 43 per cent and Ireland 45 per cent.

By far, the lowest internet users in all of Europe are the Albanians. According to the survey results, only one per cent of Albanians usually go online. Overall, Eastern Europeans went online far less than their Western counterparts, with less than one in two residents regularly surfing the web.

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