Iceland joins new online climate change initiative

A web-based hub which was designed to assist countries meet their goals in lowering carbon emissions was unveiled last week, reports the AFP.

As part of the fight against climate change, a group of four nations and a collection of cities and corporations have worked together to create an online information hub called Climate Neutral Network (CN Net).

The four founding members of the Climate Neutral Network are Iceland, Norway, New Zealand and Costa Rica.

The announcement of the project came at a special session of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) which brought together environment ministers from around the world to discuss global warming.

CN Net allows for information to be exchanged by many players, from businesses to national governments, and is designed to share knowledge, practices and solutions to cutting greenhouse-gas emissions.

Achim Steiner, the Executive Director of UNEP, said: “Climate neutrality is an idea whose time has come.” He predicted that the movement would be fuelled by a feeling of social responsibility as well as “the abundant economic opportunities emerging for those willing to embrace a transition to a green economy.”

CN Net members face a number of challenges in achieving their carbon emissions goals. For Iceland it is the nation’s transport and industry which are proving the most difficult, particularly with fishing and fish processing.

“We have effectively de-carbonised our energy production sector and hope to do the same in the coming decades with other sectors of the economy,” said Environment Minister Thorunn Sveinbjarnardottir.

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