Accidental Danish death in Afghanistan

A Danish soldier was shot and killed in southern Afghanistan at the weekend, reports the Copenhagen Post.

On Sunday night a 21-year old private died from an injury inflicted by accidental gunfire in Camp Bastion, according to information in a Army Operative Command (HOK) press release.

Details of the event have not been released, but HOK major general Poul Kiærskou promised that the death would be investigated by army specialists and members of the Danish Defence.

“It is with deep regret that I have received the report of a Danish soldier from The Royal Guard’s mechanised infantry company having been killed in a tragic accidental shooting,” Kiærskou said in the press release. “We will do what we can to help and support the soldier’s family in the coming period.”

According to the press release, the shooting occurred just as the company was preparing for a night exercise in Helmand province. Medical personnel were quick to respond to the incident, however, they were unable to prevent the private’s death.

The death brings the total number of Danish troops killed in Afghanistan since 2002 to 10. There are currently around 400 Danish troops in Afghanistan but this number could rise to 600 following Denmark’s decision to withdraw troops from Iraq last week.