Björk attacks New Zealand photographer

Icelandic singer Björk has allegedly lashed out at another reporter, this time targeting a newspaper photographer snapping shots of her yesterday at Auckland International Airport.

Björk allegedly grabbed Glenn Jeffrey, a photographer for the New Zealand Herald, and ripped his T-shirt after he took a few photographs of the singer.

“As I turned and walked away, she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy (T-shirt) and tore it,” Jeffrey said to the NZ Herald. “As she did this, she fell over.” The photographer said he did not touch Björk or speak to her at any point.

Although Jeffrey has spoken to the police, it is unsure whether or not the case will be pursued.

“I don’t see being assaulted as I’m working as a press photographer as an acceptable thing,” Jeffrey said. “If anybody assaults anybody you have the right to a legal recourse, whoever they are.”

Björk has arrived in New Zealand to participate in the Big Day Out music festival, which will be staged both in Australia and New Zealand.

Björk attacked a reporter in 1996 who she later apologised to. No charges were brought.