The Icelandic Horse is Now Available Online

The Icelandic Horse, online. The book offers readers 416 pages of detailed information, including 700 pictures and informative graphs and charts, on one of the most distinctive breeds of horse in the world.

The most significant book about horses in a decade
Being hailed as, “The most significant book about horses in a decade,” Icelandic Horse is the story of one of the most interesting horse breeds on earth. From its possible origins in Mongolia to its life in the Icelandic countryside today, the book traces the history of the horse and the ways in which it has been used.

Because of the isolation and severe climate of Iceland, the Icelandic Horse has become a very distinctive breed. It was brought to the island by Viking settlers during the second half of the ninth century, and used for transportation and field work. Since then, its primary function has continued to be service, but an increasing interest in the unusual breed has led to an international following. It is the only horse in the world to have developed five gaits, compared to the usual three gaits of other breeds.

The editors of The Icelandic Horse are Hjalti Jón Sveinsson and Gisli B. Bjornsson. They also serve as the main authors. Sveinsson has served as the editor of the Icelandic horse magazine Eidfaxi, and Björnsson is a well-known artist both in Iceland and abroad. The book also contains many contributions from some of the most respected authorities on the Icelandic horse, making the large-format book a well-rounded resource for anyone interested in horses or the history and culture of Iceland.

The Icelandic Horse is now available online at The web site contains an overview of each chapter in the book, independent reviews of the text from internationally respected authorities, contact information for the publisher and authors, as well as sample photographs and charts from the text.

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