New supermarket price comparison web site launched

mySupermarketShoppers could save up to 20% on their weekly groceries with the launch of a new independent shopping comparison web site:

mySupermarket is a handy new online shopping resource for budget-conscious UK consumers. The supermarket price comparison site aims to ensure the best possible prices for UK shoppers by comparing consumers’ weekly shops across the four major online supermarkets – Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s and Ocado (Waitrose). is entirely free and is the first site in the world to compare shoppers’ selected products and calculate savings across a number of supermarkets, instead of simply comparing average prices.

MySupermarket gives users the option to either shop online with home delivery, or visit their normal supermarket in person with a printed out shopping list that includes suggested savings and swaps. Prices and special offers on the web site are constantly updated.

To use the grocery comparison web site, users first select a supermarket that delivers to them by typing in their postcode. Then they start shopping with a virtual ‘trolley’, selecting products from highly visual shelves. Unlike other supermarkets’ own web sites, lets users change the visual product selection so that they can shop by brand or food type.

Whilst shopping, the total price in the trolley is compared across all the supermarkets and shown on-screen. The site then directs the shopper to the ‘Check-it-Out’ section to view special offers as well as offering further money saving suggestions through like-for-like substitutions. Finally, the user is given the option to transfer their entire trolley to whichever supermarket they choose, where they are taken through the standard payment and delivery processes.

mySupermarket’s director Johnny Stern said, “mySupermarket puts the shopper first, providing an easier, faster and more visual way to shop and compare prices than the online supermarkets’ own sites. And we know that the mySupermarket method can result in some significant savings – shoppers from our various trials have been saving around 20% on their weekly shop.

For further details visit the supermarket comparison web site at:

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