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Swedish cloud and AI infrastructure to see Microsoft investment

Microsoft has announced that it will invest 33.7 billion Swedish Krona over two years to expand its cloud and AI infrastructure in Sweden.

Over 250,000 people in Sweden with AI skills within organizations, schools, universities, and the public sector will be trained over three years as part of this investment.

There is also a plan to deploy 20,000 of the most advanced graphics processing units at the data centers located in the Swedish towns Sandviken, Gavle, and Staffanstorp.

Furthermore, Microsoft is set to invest in renewable energy and has procured nearly 1,000 MW of renewable energy in the country.

Ulf Kristersson, Prime Minister of Sweden, explains, “AI is a tech transformation that should be seen as a multiplier or catalyst … It is part of the strategy going forward when, after successfully fighting inflation, we enter a new phase, an investment phase.”

This investment is part of a greater commitment to boost AI adoption across the Nordic region, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway.