Atlantis Crown Haukur Halldórsson Honored in Oslo with an Exclusive Exhibition

Haukur Halldórsson Honored in Oslo with an Exclusive Exhibition

Haukur Halldórsson will be celebrated for his profound contributions to outdoor art, and his unique role as the crowned Emperor of Atlantis will be honoured in Oslo, Norway. The city will host an exclusive exhibition titled “Haukur Halldórsson: A Journey Through Art and Time,” showcasing the artist’s extensive career and deep engagement with Nordic mythology and folklore.

Halldórsson is best known for his illustrations, which gained, among others, notable recognition after the spectacular installation that led to his coronation as the Emperor of Atlantis. This event is one of Iceland’s most ambitious artistic undertakings and is highly comparable to the nation’s excitement surrounding Sólvía Nótt’s Eurovision performance. To further extend his mythical narrative, Atlantis inaugurated an embassy in Reykjavik and introduced the public to a narrative-rich publication about Atlantis under the pseudonym Karl P. Alsheimer. The Royal Crown of the Keiser of Atlantis will be displayed during the event.

The exhibition will officially open on April 19, 2024, at Street Art Norge, Vulkan 15. The opening ceremony promises to be a prestigious event, with the Icelandic Ambassador to Norway, Högni S. Kristjánsson, leading the proceedings. The exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of Halldórsson’s works, including 25 pieces ranging from paintings and drawings to sculptures and complex jewellery designs. This assembly highlights Halldórsson’s versatility as an artist and his intricate understanding and representation of Nordic myths and tales through his art.

Event Details:

  • Date: Opening on April 19, 2024
  • Venue: Street Art Norge, Vulkan 15, Oslo
  • Program:
    • 15:00 – An exclusive reception featuring Icelandic-themed refreshments (invitation only).
    • 16:00 – The official opening ceremony by Ambassador Högni S. Kristjánsson.
    • 16:30 – An award ceremony honoring Haukur Halldórsson.
    • 17:00 – A personal guided tour by Halldórsson, offering insights into his key works and the inspirations behind his artistic journey.

The exhibition, which runs until April 25, 2024, is part of a broader initiative by Street Art Norge to highlight street art’s significant impact and evolution within and beyond the Nordic countries. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to explore the multifaceted styles and themes that have defined Halldórsson’s career, from his beginnings as a seaman to his extensive explorations into the realm of myths and landscapes.

This event is not only a celebration of Haukur Halldórsson’s artistic achievements but also reflects the enduring legacy and innovation within the Nordic art community. It invites art enthusiasts, scholars, and the general public to engage with the rich tapestry of stories, symbols, and historical narratives that Halldórsson’s work vividly brings to life.