Icenews Journalist’s Fascination with Oslo’s Viking Planet

Having visited The Viking Planet in Oslo multiple times, I remain captivated by this groundbreaking venture that merges the Viking Age with modern technology. Positioned near the iconic City Hall, this 1,600 square meter space isn’t just a museum; it’s a portal to the past, offering a dynamic, hands-on learning experience.

Rasmus Ramstad, the CEO, shared his vision with us: to make history accessible and engaging for today’s audience through interactive storytelling. This objective is brilliantly realized as visitors, including myself, are transported to Valhalla through immersive VR experiences, standing face-to-face with Vikings.

The Viking Planet’s commitment to authenticity and education is evident in every corner, from the VR film “The Ambush” to the panoramic cinema that paints a vivid picture of Norway’s landscapes during the Viking era. Each visit has offered me new insights and a deeper understanding of Viking culture.

The partnership with the Museum of the Viking Age enriches the experience, providing a comprehensive view of the Vikings’ legacy. The Viking Planet is clearly more than just an attraction; it’s a cultural hub that bridges the past with the present.

Feedback from visitors, myself included, is overwhelmingly positive. The interactive exhibits and holograms are educational and engaging, making history come alive in unexpected ways.

I highly recommend visiting The Viking Planet for those intrigued by Norse history or looking to experience the Viking Age like never before. Check out their website at for more information. Each visit has been a unique journey back in time, continually deepening my appreciation for Norway’s rich history.