Terror attack on Swedish parliament foiled after Germany arrests suspected ISIS supporters

Yesterday, it was announced by the Office of the German Federal Prosecutor that two arrests have been made against individuals accused of planning a firearms attack on Sweden’s parliament.

Speaking in a statement, Nancy Faeser, Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior, confirmed that one of the suspects is a member of the terror group ISIS, and one is a suspected supporter. It was alleged that the suspects received instructions on planning an attack during mid-2023.

Faeser confirmed that the suspects made “concrete preparations” for the attack and tried to procure weapons. The attack was supposed to occur in Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, with the suspects researching local conditions.

It was confirmed that the plot was intended to be in retaliation for the Quran burnings across the country last year.

2023 saw a series of anti-Islam incidences in Sweden and Denmark, sparking protests across both Scandinavian nations.