MAST sues company over falsified report

New report shows over 50 percent of water supplies in Denmark contaminated with toxins

A new report commissioned by a number of Danish regional councils has found that over 50 percent of water supplies in Denmark are contaminated with pesticides and other toxins.

Danske Regioner, which covers the country’s five regions, has found that more than half of drinking water boreholes in Denmark are contaminated, with one in ten water sources exceeding acceptable levels of dangerous substances.

As stated in a press release, the Danske Regioner explained that “The contamination of Danish drinking water has reached a critical point.” Following with, “If we want clean drinking water for our children, something must be done now.”

The organization sent a letter to Magnus Heunicke, the country’s Minister of Environment, warning about its water supplies.

Currently, many waterworks are purifying their drinking water to eliminate these toxins.