Norway-Sweden fence considered to prevent potential outbreak of African swine fever

A fence is considered to be built alongside the border between Norway and Sweden to help prevent a potential outbreak of African swine fever among the country’s wild boar population after an outbreak in Sweden.

This fence is one part of many measures to prevent an African swine fever outbreak, including culling up to 2,000 wild boars that face slaughter in Norway due to the “great danger” boars pose to commercial pig farming.

Among other measures include improving the efficiency of wild boar hunting and allowing meat from shot wild boars to be sold.

During August and September 2023, African swine fever was found in dead wild boars near Fagersta in Västmanland County, Sweden.

Despite this, Sweden’s state epizootiologist, Karl Ståhl, explained that there was currently “zero” risk of swine fever in Sweden after the last wild boar to test positive died, with no active circulation of swine fever taking place.