Street Art Norge Opens Nordic's First Street Art Gallery in Oslo

Street Art Norge Opens Nordic’s First Street Art Gallery in Oslo

The ‘ first street art gallery in the Nordic, “Street Art Norge,” has opened its doors in the heart of Oslo. Located at Vulkan in Oslo, this gallery boasts a sprawling 850 square meters of space and enjoys a central location near several prominent cultural landmarks, including Mathallen, Vulkan Arena, Einar Granum Kunstfagskole, and Dansens hus.

Taking inspiration from renowned international exhibitions like the Dutch Straat Museum and Moco Museum, Street Art Norge aims to become a vibrant hub for urban art enthusiasts in the region.

Behind this exciting venture are two passionate street art aficionados, Ola Hanø and Dino Beslic.

Ola Hanø, one of the co-founders, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We’re two guys in our prime, exploring uncharted territory while expressing our deep-rooted passion for street art and urban culture that has evolved over the years. Roaming the streets and immersing ourselves in public art has given us countless memorable experiences. Opening a dedicated street art gallery has been a long-time dream of mine.”

Dino Beslic, with years of experience in print and art production at CopyCat and as a co-founder of CopyCat Fineart, adds, “When the idea for this project started to take shape, I realized that I couldn’t say no to actively being part of something that combines my areas of deep interest.”

The inaugural exhibition features works by numerous Norwegian and international artists, offering a diverse array of art forms that Street Art Norge intends to promote. This opening exhibition will evolve, with the ultimate goal of curating a collection for a Nordic museum.

While the exhibition includes artwork available for purchase, private collectors who share their passion for art have generously loaned many pieces and aim to provide a platform for the industry.

Ola Hanø commented on this collaborative effort, stating, “Many unique pieces are hanging in people’s homes, and they want to contribute to giving street art, and, more importantly, the artists, the recognition they deserve.”

Just over a month after its grand opening, on March 8th, the gallery will expand with the annual SHE Art exhibition, featuring works exclusively by female artists from Norway and the Nordic region.

With two decades of experience in developing small and large social and professional meeting places, Hanø and Beslic are now taking the initiative to establish a platform that they hope will contribute to making Oslo and Norway a powerhouse in art production.

In addition to providing a gallery space, Street Art Norge will offer artists more efficient and comprehensive printing and art production services in addition to providing a gallery space. Many of Norway’s top artists have already embraced the gallery’s expertise.

“We aim to make it easier for artists to gain visibility and generate increased income from their art,” says Ola Hanø.

The gallery took over its 850-square-meter premises on January 1st, following a successful collaboration with Aspelin Ramm. It has already garnered significant interest, particularly from artists in the vicinity.

“We hope that anyone interested in exploring the possibilities will reach out to us,” adds Beslic.

Several upcoming exhibitions, including SHE Art and Pop Art, are expected to receive considerable attention. Perhaps the highlight will be the gallery’s fall exhibition, “Refusert,” a concept inspired by Salon des refusés from the 19th century.

With its central location on Vulkan in Oslo and 850 square meters of space, Street Art Norge aims to create as much positive attention and energy as the historical negative experiences that the public and society have had with street art.

“We’re on a journey to establish a Nordic street art museum, and we invite as many artists, potential collaborators, and public stakeholders to join us on this exciting journey,” concludes Hanø.

The picture shows Dino Beslic to the right and Ola Hanø beside him.