20 percent of Greenland’s ice cap lost due to climate change

It has been discovered that 20% of Greenland’s ice cap has been lost due to climate change, which equates to roughly 30m tonnes of ice an hour.

Global heating has been a major cause of ice loss in Greenland. This crisis has been closely under survey for decades, with much of the ice cap driving up sea levels.

Within the study, satellite photos were analyzed by scientists to predict where Greenland’s many glaciers will end up every month from 1985 to 2022. Scientists found that a trillion tonnes of ice has been lost.

Dr Chad Greene, who led the research at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the US, explains, “The changes around Greenland are tremendous, and they’re happening everywhere – almost every glacier has retreated over the past few decades.”

“It makes sense that if you dump freshwater onto the North Atlantic Ocean, then you certainly get a weakening of the Amoc, though I don’t have an intuition for how much weakening,” stated Greene.