Two dead after caught in avalanche in Finland

An extreme cold wave in Finland caused an avalanche, which look the lives of a mother and son in the Lapland region.

On Tuesday, Finnish Police found the mother’s body in Pyhäkuru, northern Finland, at the location where the avalanche struck. Then on Thursday, Police confirmed the discovery of the body of a boy, believed to be the son.

Kirsi Huhtamäki, the crime commissioner leading the investigation, explained, “The sequence of events after the emergency call is hardly fully clear, but very poor weather conditions combined with an avalanche seem to have caused this sad and unusual accident.”

It was reported that the woman called the emergency centre on Tuesday due to bad weather, which led to the rescue mission. Two hours into the search, rescuers could not find the woman or her son, which is when the case was transferred to police.

According to YLE, the woman and child were from Korsnäs in western Finland.