Sámi reindeer herders to receive millions from Norway for human rights violations

The Supreme Court in Norway has ruled that the Fosen wind farm in the country’s Fosen peninsula has violated the human rights of the Sámi people living in the area.

Silje Karine Muotka, President of the Sámi Parliament of Norway, explained, “I am happy that those in south Fosen now have security and a guarantee that they can continue their livelihood and culture with reindeer husbandry…But what has happened here is gravely serious. It is a human rights violation.”

The agreement covers the reindeer herders to the south of the Fosen wind farm. However, there are two communities, known as siidas, that have been impacted by the wind warm. Statskraft, the company behind the farm, will pay 7 million Krone ($674,211) each year, for 25 years — the expected lifespan of the wind turbines.

On top of this, the Norwegian government will allow reindeer herders to use additional winter grazing areas near the Fosen reindeer-herding district.

Norway’s minister of petroleum and energy, Terje Aasland, commented, “The Fosen case has been challenging for all parties…I am therefore pleased that the parties and the state, through the mediation process, have arrived at a mutually agreed, good, and forward-looking solution. My hope is that this will enable new generations to continue reindeer herding at Fosen.”