Terrorism in Denmark: Four arrested in alleged terror plot

Danish Police have announced that it prevented an alleged terror plot, announcing that three people have been arrested in Denmark and one in the Netherlands.

Chief Superintendent of the Danish intelligence agency, PET, Flemming Drejer, explained, 

“The investigation has revealed that a network of people has been preparing a terrorist act.”

Drejerm added, “The arrests and the raids we’re carrying out today are based on an intensive investigation that PET has carried out in close cooperation with our partners abroad.”

Drejerm explained that the arrests were carried out in close collaboration with our foreign partners” and that police had “a special focus” on Jewish institutions.

On acts of terror, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen commented, “For a number of years now, we have seen that there are people living in Denmark who do not wish us well…who are against our freedom and who are against Danish society, with all that it entails.”