Volcanic Eruption on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

Tonight, the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland witnessed its fourth volcanic eruption in three years, marking another significant geological event in the region. The eruption occurred between Sýlingarfell and Hagafell, northwest of Grindavík, and began around 10 p.m. local time.

Preceding the eruption, an earthquake swarm was detected in the magma conduit north of Grindavík, beginning around 9 p.m. This seismic activity heightened anticipation and concern, leading to the ground’s eventual splitting and magma’s emergence onto the surface.

Authorities closely monitor the situation, and scientists are on site to assess the volcanic activity’s intensity and potential impact. There have been no immediate reports of injuries or significant damage, but residents and visitors are advised to stay informed and follow safety guidelines issued by the authorities.

The Reykjanes Peninsula is known for its active geological landscape, and this latest eruption adds to the region’s rich volcanic history. Experts are analyzing the data better to understand the eruption’s implications and potential future activity.

Image taken from Reykjavik just after the eruption started. The Image was sent to Icenews by Haukur Jarl Kristjansson.