Sweden sees lawsuit filed by Tesla over halted delivery of license plates

The Elon Musk-owned car manufacturer, Tesla, is suing the state of Sweden due to striking postal workers halting the delivery of license plates for its new vehicles.

Tesla acknowledged was suing “the Swedish state through the Swedish Transport Agency” because not accessing the registration plates “constitutes an unlawful discriminatory attack directed at Tesla.”

Mikael Andersson, spokesperson for the Swedish Transport Agency, told The Associated Press, that, “we at the Swedish Transport Agency do not share this view” that the agency was blocking the distribution of license plates. “Therefore Tesla has decided to have the issue tested in court, which is their right.”

“We have not yet seen the lawsuit and it is therefore difficult for us to give any direct comments. We need to look at the lawsuit and Tesla’s reasoning in it,” explained Andersson.

According to The Associated Press, Tesla is demanding that the district court fine the Swedish Transport Agency $95,383 to allow Tesla “retrieve license plates” within 72 hours from notification of the district court’s decision.