Alcohol in Denmark: Health Ministry to limit sale to under 18-year-olds

Denmark’s Ministry of Health has announced that it will be limiting the sale of alcohol to under-18s, as well as increase the price of snus, due to growing concerns over their popularity and their affects on health.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Sophie Løhde, the Minister for the Interior and Health, explained that, “Children and young people are starting to drink far too early and they are drinking too much.”

The new aim is to bad the sale of drinks containing more than 6% alcohol to 18 year-olds and under.

According to the country’s National Health Authority, 22% of 15-year-old girls and 27% of 15-year-old boys drink on a weekly basis.

In addition, the tax on snus, a tobacco product which comes in the form of nicotine sachets, will be doubled, making it less tempting to purchase.