Björk teams up with Rosalía to raise money to fight against fish farming in Iceland

Icelandic singer Björk has teamed up with the popular Brazilian artist Rosalía as part of a new single aiming to raise money for the fight against fish farming in Iceland.

Speaking in a press release, Björk explains “people at the fjord seyðisfjörður have stood up and protested against fish farming starting there. We would like to donate sales of the song to help with their legal fees, and, hopefully, it can be an exemplary case for others.”

“Iceland has the biggest untouched nature in Europe, and still today it has its sheep roaming free in the mountains in the summers, its fish has swum free in our lakes, rivers and fjords, so when Icelandic and Norwegian business men started buying fish farms in the majority of our fjords, it was a big shock and rose up as the main topic this summer,” continued Björk.

There is still a chance to safe the last wild salmon of the North. Our group would like to dare these business men to retract their farms! We would also like to help invent and set strict regulations into Iceland’s legal system to guard nature,” Björk said in her final statement.

Speaking to Billboard, Björk’s reps confirmed that a full version of the song will be released in October.