Tighter borders at Sweden expected 

Due to the recent anti-Muslim provocations in the country, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has announced that Sweden’s borders are to be tighter because of increased risks of terror attacks.

A new law has been introduced that will give police expanded authority to conduct identity checks, as well as vehicle and body searches at the country’s borders. On top of this, Electronic border surveillance will be expanded.

Kristersson explained that this is intended to prevent, “people with very weak connections to Sweden” from entering the country, “to commit crimes or to act in conflict with Swedish security interests.”

There’s a fear in the country that its continued anti-Muslim provocations could trigger serious threats.

Gunnar Strömmer, Sweden’s Justice Minister, announced during a press conference, “Border controls are a measure that gives us the conditions to identify people coming into Sweden who could represent a threat to security.”