Litli Hrutur Eruption

Update: Significantly reduced power and productivity of the eruption in Iceland

The intensity of the volcanic eruption, “Litli Hrutur Eruption”, has decreased considerably since yesterday. At nine o’clock in Iceland, emergency responders and representatives from Civil Defense and the Icelandic Meteorological Office will have a status meeting. Scientists had predicted that magma would erupt in the area it did, similar to previous eruptions.

Important note: The area has not been cleared for visits, and it is not allowed or recommended that anybody except those with clearance visit the location.

To avoid gas pollution, it is advised for individuals to close their windows in both the Reykjanes Peninsula and the capital area. According to gas diffusion models, the pollution may extend up to Snæfellsnes.

Later this morning, scientists and civil authorities meet and review the situation, look at figures and models and other such things. Two hours later, or at eleven today, there will be a big meeting where everyone involved will be present, from rescue teams to epidemiologists. Hjördís Guðmundsdóttir, director of communications for civil protection, says in an interview with RÚV that despite these meetings, the situation is being assessed hour by hour, and it is still the assessment of the response team that it is not safe to go to the eruption sites.

The Icelandic Metro Office closely monitored meters in the capital area and the Reykjanes Peninsula, and according to information from there, none of them went close to health protection limits last night. There are light winds now so that gas could accumulate; as it stands now, it moves to the north in the afternoon, and then the gas pollution will go straight out to sea as the day progresses.

The location is currently off-limits for visitors. Only individuals with proper clearance are authorized and advised to access the area.

For those wanting to review the action from far, you can visit these web cameras on YouTube from local news media Visir and RUV: