TBWA\Norway has acquired Legendary Scandinavian Design Group as part of its expansion plans in the Norwegian Market

TBWA\Norway has acquired Legendary Scandinavian Design Group as part of its expansion plans in the Norwegian Market

In a major move within the advertising industry, TBWA\Norway operations have announced their acquisition of Scandinavian Design Group (SDG), a pioneering agency known for its strategic design expertise. The collaboration between SDG and TBWA is set to create a powerful synergy, providing clients with an extensive range of services.

With roots dating back to 1987, SDG has been at the forefront of strategic design, revolutionizing commercial graphic design during its 36-year journey. Their innovative tools have helped brands establish profound connections with their target audience while assisting business leaders in achieving their goals. SDG’s multidisciplinary approach has guided clients through various transitions from small niche brands to domestic and international companies.

TBWA\Norway is an affiliation partner with the TBWA Nordic Collective. Renowned as a global powerhouse in the advertising industry, TBWA has gained a reputation for driving innovative and disruptive advertising strategies. The union between these two entities aims to leverage their respective strengths, providing clients with comprehensive design and advertising solutions.

The joint agency will unite creative minds and tap into the digital expertise of TBWA’s Nordic collective, The Engine Nordic, comprising 300 professionals. This addition will bring a fresh, technologically advanced dimension to their service portfolio.

“The acquisition of SDG is a transformative moment for us. By combining TBWA’s disruptive advertising with SDG’s pioneering design approach, we are poised to set new industry benchmarks.”

Nicolay Jernberg, COO of TBWA Norway

Valgeir Magnusson, CEO of TBWA\Norway, added, “This investment represents the convergence of two remarkable histories. We firmly believe that SDG’s unparalleled design expertise, combined with TBWA’s globally recognized advertising capacity and The Engine Nordic’s digital competence, will result in unparalleled service for our clients. We aim to build on SDG’s Scandinavian heritage and complement it with TBWA’s worldwide legacy.”

Nick Bilmes, Strategy Director at SDG, emphasized the exciting, stating, “The combination of SDG and TBWA generates a powerful synergy that is invigorating and motivating. By blending the rich history of our organizations, SDG’s strong approach to branding and design, TBWA’s communication creativity, and The Engine Nordic’s innovative digital know-how, we promise an exciting future.”

Silje M. Storhaug, Managing Director of SDG, expressed her enthusiasm for the merger, saying, “We are happy and excited about the SDG and TBWA potential. We see numerous opportunities to enhance our services and provide better solutions for our clients. This collaboration will make a difference for both our domestic and international clients.”

As a joint agency of SDG and TBWA, the company believes in the positive impact of design and creativity on brands and businesses globally. Over the years, they have worked with a diverse range of clients, including HEAD, RevOcean, Vipps, Innovasjon Norge, Sparebank1, Nestlé, Zaptec, Schibsted, Aneo, Norwegian Property, Norges Bank, Norsk Helsenett, Amerikalinjen, Entur, Provocativo, Dominos, The Viking Planet, Oscar Sylte, Grans, and Aass, among others.

Nicolay Jernberg concluded, “We have an unwavering commitment to inspiring transformation through design and creativity, and this collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting era of disruption.”

The picture is taken from a press release distributed to Icenews and shows Valgeir Magnusson, Silje M. Storhaug and Nicolay Jernberg