Icelandic Companies Make Waves in Canada, Showcasing Marine Technology, Green Energy, and Health Innovations

Icelandic Companies Make Waves in Canada, Showcasing Marine Technology, Green Energy, and Health Innovations

In a highly-anticipated visit, the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, accompanied by First Lady Eliza Reid, embarked on an official trip to Canada from May 29 to June 1. This visit marked a long-overdue diplomatic engagement since the last presidential visit in 2000. The Icelandic delegation comprised ten prominent companies representing Icelandic culture and business, alongside representatives from Business Iceland.

The recent trip to Canada by the Icelandic delegation was filled with significant events and meetings, highlighting the collaboration between the two nations. The journey included stops at Ottawa, Halifax, and St. John’s, with a direct flight from Toronto by Icelandair.

In Ottawa, two events stood out; one focused on preserving the Icelandic language and the other on youth mental health. The Icelandic President also met with Canada’s Country Director and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to strengthen bilateral ties. Business-wise, marine technology, green energy, and health technology were the primary focus areas, with ten Icelandic companies showcasing their expertise.

The visit to Halifax included a business lunch that fostered connections between local business leaders and a meeting centred on ocean-related technologies. Discussions addressing youth health and addiction issues also took place. Immigration issues were also discussed during talks with the Icelandic President.

The delegation visited the Marine Institute in St. John’s, and discussions on challenges and opportunities in their respective fields occurred. President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson gave an engaging talk on Iceland’s Cod War, and a joint project between Business Iceland and an Icelandic health technology company culminated in a showcase of health technology solutions.

Potential collaborations were explored at the Annual Energy NL conference and exhibition meeting, and opportunities for utilizing renewable energy were discussed. The Icelandic presidential visit to Canada fostered connections, created opportunities for cooperation, and showcased diverse expertise and innovation.

The image is taken from the original article at Islandsstofa.

The picture shows Icelandic companies participating in the visit to Canada, including Icelandair, Icelandic Trademark Holding, Kerecis, Eimskip, Prescribe, Kadeco, Landsvirkjun, Marel, Íslandsbanki, and Planet Youth.