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Finnish consumption of meat and dairy declined in 2022

It has been revealed by Natural Resources Institute Finland that preliminary statistics show a decline in the consumption of meat and dairy in Finland in 2022.

Natural Resources Institute Finland revealed that meat consumption declined by roughly 2% year-on-year to an average of 77 kilos per capita in the country.

The most popular choice of meat is pork, with it making up for 37.2% of the total per capita. Chicken made up 36.6% and beef and veal 225. The consumption of red meat has fallen by 8% in 2022.

Senior Specialist at Natural Resources Institute Finland, Erja Mikkola, explained that he decline is likely attributable to health and environmental concerns on the one hand and price increases on the other.

“I’m sure dietary recommendations have also had an impact,” said Mikkola. “People have looked for the more affordable products within meat products. Maybe they were found in pork products.”