EVE Online Fanfest 2023, Celebrate 20 Years of EVE, Returns to Reykjavik in September

EVE Online Fanfest 2023, Celebrate 20 Years of EVE, Returns to Reykjavik in September

EVE Fanfest is returning to Reykjavik, Iceland, from September 21st to 23rd, 2023, to celebrate the momentous occasion of EVE Online’s 20th anniversary. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience in the captivating land of fire and ice.

The Laugardalshöll Arena will again be the epicentre of this grand celebration, where pilots from across the universe gather to revel in the festivities. With a new three-day format for 2023, this edition of Fanfest is set to be the biggest and most exciting one yet. But the fun doesn’t stop there! In the week leading up to the main event, a series of Fanfest-related gatherings and extra events will occur in and around Reykjavik, ensuring an action-packed week for attendees.

Among the scheduled activities, you can look forward to the classic Golden Circle tour with developers, the Sisters of EVE full-day trip designed for non-player friends or significant others, and the renowned Pub Crawl. Due to popular demand, the food tour alternative will return after being sold out in 2022.

Additionally, the infamous Party at the Top of the World will provide an exhilarating night of celebration. Stay tuned for more event announcements in the coming weeks, as the organizers have promised surprises and excitement at every turn.

The game has been a virtual gaming haven for two decades, bringing people together in a one-of-a-kind online community. It is a universe where lifetime friendships are forged and powerful alliances are born. But EVE’s pilots are more than just players; they are the architects of New Eden’s destiny. Their collective contributions shape the ever-evolving landscape of EVE Online, from the spontaneous events that tip the power balance of empires to their invaluable feedback to the development team. Now, at Fanfest, these players will have the opportunity to make their mark, collaborating to create unforgettable experiences and shaping the future of EVE Online on its perpetual journey.

But Fanfest isn’t only about the game itself; it’s also about reconnecting with a global community, rekindling friendships, and revelling with both in-game adversaries and allies. The memories made during Fanfest are cherished for a lifetime, and it’s not uncommon to find pilots huddled together, plotting and scheming in person, united by their shared passion for EVE.

A new documentary showcases the EVE community and their annual gathering at Fanfest has been released on the official EVE Online YouTube channel. It offers a unique glimpse into the extraordinary camaraderie and shared experiences that make Fanfest such a remarkable event. Furthermore, the surprise debut single from the in-house band Crowd Kon7rol has also been unveiled. You can catch their performance at Fanfest’s Party at the Top of the World or enjoy their music video on YouTube.

To commemorate EVE’s 20th anniversary, a special collaboration with publisher Limited Run has created the ’20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.’ This meticulously crafted boxed set reflects EVE’s history, legacy, and vibrant community. Be sure to join the official countdown and add it to your wishlist, as pre-orders are set to open on July 7th.