ChatGPT: Danish Prime Minister used AI chatbot to write parts of speech

Mette Frederiksen, the Danish Prime Minister, recently used the AI chatbot ChatGPT during a speech at the country’s parliament to highlight the risks of AI.

During her speech on 31st May, Frederiksen delivered her introduction, then continued to say, “What I have just read here is not from me. Or any other human for that matter,” and that in fact it was written by ChatGPT.

To showcase the tools, power, Frederiksen explained, “Even if it didn’t always hit the nail on the head, both in terms of the details of the government’s work programme and punctuation… it is both fascinating and terrifying what it is capable of.”

As part of her speech, the following lines were generated by ChatGPT:

  • “It has been an honour and a challenge to lead a broad government in the last parliamentary year.”
  • “We have worked hard to co-operate across parties and ensure a strong and sustainable future for Denmark.”
  • “We have taken steps to combat climate change and ensure a fairer and more inclusive society where all citizens have equal opportunities.”
  • “Although we have faced challenges and resistance along the way, I am proud of what we have achieved together in the last parliamentary year.”