Opersinger Kristján Jóhannsson opens up about his battle with Cancer 

During an interview earlier this week, Opersinger Kristján Jóhannsson opened up about his battle with Cancer and said he was shocked when he received the news. Last year he had a colonoscopy and blood test, which all came back normal, and the so-called PSA levels, which indicate prostate cancer. 

Kristján says he was well-received in the Icelandic health system and was not disappointed that his doctor turned out to be from the north of Iceland, where Kristján himself is from. 

Started chemotherapy in January and has now completed it
“Cancer is poison, and it takes a lot of poison to kill it.” he continues. “But I am not whining; the treatment keeps you alive, so I just obey and stay calm,” Kristján says that he felt the improvement, but after the treatment, he started to sleep properly again. However, he says he also believes it will take a while to regain control of his voice; he was supposed to sing for the former president of Iceland, Ólaf Ragnar Grímsson, at the weekend but was forced to withdraw from it. 

Kristján aims to complete the projects he has been booked for and will perform in Frankfurt and Vienna in November, among other things.

The Interview in Icelandic can be seen here