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Hydropower activities to be expanded across Sweden

Speaking in a press release last Tuesday, the Swedish government stated that Vattenfall aims to expand its existing hydropower in the country.

Vattenfall, which is state-owned, aims to expand existing hydropower in four location to cope with Umeå and Luleåthe increasing electricity demand. These aforementioned locations will be in Northern Sweden, close to Luleå and Umeå.

Talking to Sverige Radio, Johan Dasht, head of Vattenfall’s Nordic hydropower, commented that “Feasibility studies are now underway.”

“In Juktan, where there is also a small hydropower plant today, we are investigating whether it is possible to convert it into a large pumped storage plant, which means that we can pump up water when there is a lot of overcapacity, for example from wind power,” explained Dasht.

Vattenfal is a state-owned enterprise, currently owned by the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation.