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Retired Norwegian ferry to be recycled as part of sustainable Superdock project in Bergen

Parts of a retired ferry that served as a go-between Askøy and Bergen in Norway are set to be recycled and take new life as part of a new sustainable Superdock project set out by Nordic Circles.

The ferry known as MF Melderskin was recently scrapped at the industrial area, Hanøytangen, on the Norwegian island of Askøy. Parts of the ship have been distributed to the ironworks in the Norwegian town, Mo i Rana, and the ship’s Wichmann WX28 diesel engine has also been sold. The ferry’s metal will most notably be reused as part of Nordic Circles’ NC 3.0 Superdock.

Nordic Circles, which was formed earlier this year, aims to reuse maritime steel from ships and oil rigs in new construction projects, the first being the Superdock constructed from parts of the MF Melderskin. Working in cooperation with marine biologists, the Superdock is to be an eco-friendly waterfront that offers the necessary characteristics for the public and provides a safe habitat for small fish and marine life around the harbor.

“The MF Melderskin will be given new life and contribute to the 14th sustainability goal of the UN, which is to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development,”

explained John Jacobsen, Head of Market at Nordic Circles

Jacobsen followed up by commenting, “We love that the ferry will get a new meaning and can contribute to building sustainability. Many people used the ferry as go-between Askøy and Bergen – it was much-loved. Now, people can fall in love with it in a different way, as part of the cityscape.”

The ferry made its maiden voyage in 1985, eventually retiring in December 2020. Over the next five years, ferry fleets in Norway are to be replaced in favor of electric vessels. Nordic Circles aims to receive more scrapped metal from Norway’s ferries in the coming years to contribute to various sustainable building projects.

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