European Search Awards’ Shortlist Includes The Engine & Pipar\TBWA

The Engine Iceland, the digital marketing arm of Pipar\TBWA, made the shortlist in four categories of the European Search Awards.

Search campaigns for Gray Line Iceland, Olís and Taxback International landed the digital and creative agencies the nominations with Taxback International receiving two shortlistings for Best Use of Search in B2B and also Best Integrated Campaign.

Director of Performance and person responsible for managing search campaigns for these clients, Haukur Jarl Kristjánsson, was especially pleased with the Gray Line nomination saying:

“When looking back, we had such a challenge in the external context because fewer tourists were coming to Iceland due to a bankrupt Icelandic Airline WOW Air in early 2019 along with more competition from the car rental as a viable option for tourists to explore. Still we managed to increase online sales through search.”

Digital Team Lead Hreggviður S Magnússon, sees the nominations as appropriate recognition of the talent and team remarking: 

“Not only for our outstanding talent at The Engine and Pipar\TBWA, but also for our clients who expect results from working with us.”

He continued by commenting on how great it was to see the versatility and difference among the nominated campaigns:

“The search campaign for Gray Line Iceland was successful in the midst of very difficult external circumstances. Still, the online sales for Gray Line Iceland went up due to good solid strategy and good targeting methods. Olís Kvizz was a big success in the local market in Iceland and created a strong connection between the brand and its customer base. Taxback International is a fintech company in the B2B context with headquarters in Ireland. The Taxback International campaign had two nominations, one for Best Use of Search in B2B and another for Best Integrated Campaign, which was especially good. That’s like Campaign of the year, in a sense.”