Iceland Re-Confirmed as Destination for Safe and Exciting Adventures

Iceland has once again ranked high on the Human Freedom Index—a “global measurement of personal, civil, and economic freedom” conducted by Canadian think-tank Fraser Institute. 

The purpose of the index is to measure and rank countries across the world based on the freedom of its civilians. Up two spots from the last report, Iceland is in the 18th position with a high score (8.41/10)  in “human freedom.”

“A central purpose of this report is to paint a broad but reasonably accurate picture of the extent of overall freedom in the world,” the document states. Iceland, in particular, is well-known for gender equality, safety and well-being, and kid-friendliness. Aside from the picturesque nature, it is for these reasons that Iceland has become a top tourist destination. Companies such as Gray Line Iceland pride itself on its talented female staff who are among its award-winning guides. When it comes to safety, Icelandic Mountain Guides is exemplary of Iceland’s dedication to prudent adventures.

The index takes into account “personal freedom” and “economic freedom.” Personal freedom is measured on the prevalence of important issues such as women’s safety, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression. Economic freedom is based on factors such as freedom to own property, freedom to trade internationally as well as government spending and taxation. The top three spots on the index were held by New Zealand (1), Switzerland (2), and Hong Kong (3). Other countries that ranked in the top 20 include Canada, Germany, Australia, United States, Taiwan, and Sweden.