A boy and his foal – A friendship on an Icelandic farm (Video)

Much to the joy of the young members of the family on the Farm Ríp in Hegranes, north Iceland, a foal was born in December last year. Four year old Thordur Bragi was allowed to name the foal and gave him the name Koggur, from a favourite TV show about puppies. The video below is from his mom’s YouTube channel and since it was published by Iceland Magazine last winter it has become a world wide hit.

Readers of the Daily Mail Online fell head over heal in love with the video showing the pair´s friendship with the boy and the foal snuggling and playing in the stables. Its appropriate to revisit the story now that summer has arrived in Iceland and foals and lams are being born and jumping around fields around the island.

There is another famous video from 2013 published on youtube by Gigja Einarsdottir of a girl playing with a foal out in the field here and for good measure, here is one of a newly born foal with its mother in the field and some humans trying to befriend it.