Concert Inside A Volcano – The Secret Solstice

The Secret Solstice music festival has already made a claim to fame by choosing original venues for concerts and their guests. Last year they delivered the world’s first concert gig inside a glacier, namely Langjökull glacier, and they wont let their glacier thirsty guest down this year either as they plan to repeat the stunt. However this year the organizers aim above and beyond venue vise, or rather, inside and down under. They plan to host a concert inside the magma chamber of Þríhnjúkagígur volcano – Another volcano with a complicated name makes the press, Thri-hnuka-gigur volcano.

The spectacle is set for the 18th of June 2016 – probably the world’s first ever public performance inside a magma chamber of a volcano for a lucky group of only 20 ticket holders to be airlifted up onto the mountain in a helicopter and then transferred inside the magma chamber. The featuring performers will be “an extremely well-known international artist”. But the organizers are keeping their name a secret for now, promising an “extremely impressive” announcement to come, to quote their website.

Þríhnúkagígur volcano is dormant – it last erupted over 4,000 years ago so guests should be relatively safe inside, there are no signs of it erupting in the near future (next couple of thousands of years). The volcano’s name, mostly unsayable for anyone other than Icelanders, is best translated as the Three Peaks Crater.

Secret Solstice concert festival 2016 will take place 16th-19th of June 2016 and along with the extraordinary venue selection the lineup is also pretty impressive.