A petition for Eldvörp Lava field

Construction plans have been approved that will cause irreversible damage to a unique area known as Eldvörp, a 10 km long crater row in the Reykjanes Peninsula, Southwest Iceland, part of which has already been approved as a Geo Park.

Grey moss covers a big stretch of lava, creating mystifying landscapes and a Geothermal steam that reaches up to 280°C ascends from cracks and fissures. This geothermal energy, once used by the people of nearby Grindavík town for bread making, as the dough could be baked in the hot ground is now scheduled for harnessing. In addition to the area´s geological significance, numerous historic trails and an archeological site is found in Eldvörp. Nowhere on earth can the geological activity between two tectonic plates be experienced as dramatically as there according to the petition. The craters can be entered and one can walk between them through lava-tubes and caves. The value of Eldvörp for nature lovers is immense.

Eldvörp currently faces peril. Despite Iceland already having the highest electricity production per capita in the world, local energy company HS Orka, has been permitted by the Municipality of Grindavík to commence experimental drilling in the area for a future geothermal power plant. This would cause irreversible damage to the area, with large drill sites on the crater row itself, destroying the potential to visit and experience this natural world treasure.

The Icelandic National Planning Agency has already stated that this project will cause irreversible damage to the area. If we act together, we can show HS Orka and the Municipality of Grindavík that the world cares about the conservation of unique natural and historic areas like Eldvörp.