Skyr Takes the Cake in Denmark

A recent report from the Danish National Broadcasting Service shows that Icelandic skyr is one of the most popular health food items that Danes turn to after the holidays. December and the months leading up to the holiday season in Denmark are characterized by heavy consumption of sweets and treats. January, in contrast, is the time for dieting and getting back into a healthier lifestyle.

The popular tastes for Christmas in Denmark are salt, fat, and sugar, according to the data, which surveyed purchasing trends in supermarkets. The trend shifts at the beginning of the new year to focus more on vegetables and lighter snack foods.

The consumption of Icelandic skyr by Danes as they cleanse their diets after the holiday season goes up by 73%. Greens follow closely behind with people eating 58% more broccoli and 54% more spinach.

In the realm of sweets, the purchase of cookies goes down by 92%, revealing that they are the top choice for holiday treat consumption. Cream is in high demand in December and then decreases by nearly half, or 40%. Bacon and potato chips experience a somewhat more gradual drop, by 16% and 32%, respectively. And last but not least, the popular Danish condiment remoulade shrinks in popularity by 25%.

Icelandic skyr is a traditional low-fat high protein dairy product, similar to Greek yogurt. Its long history in Icelandic culture testifies to its health-enhancing properties, as the Danes would no doubt agree.