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Muslim Association of Iceland Condemns Paris Attacks

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Muslim Association of Iceland issued a public statement condemning the horrific event. The statement was signed and presented by the Chairman of the Association, Salmann Tamimi, and published by the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RÚV.

The statement pronounces the attacks that occurred on Friday, November 13 to be a senseless act of violence incited against innocent people. It asserts that the Muslim Association of Iceland, “like all Muslims around the world, condemns the savage, unprovoked and bloody attack upon innocent people.” And continues: “We send the families and friends of the victims our condolences and hopes that those wounded recover quickly.”

Underscoring the statement is a message about the importance of remembering the values the defined the French Revolution, such as freedom, equality, and fraternity. The horror of events such as those that occurred in Paris on Friday must serve to remind people how critical it is to stand together and to rally against terrorism and hatred in all forms. The announcement reads, “We must work together to uphold these values, not only in word but also in deed. We cannot allow hatred, wars and terrorism to destroy these values for us and our descendants.”

For a translation of the statement in its entirety from The Iceland Monitor, click here.