Snoop Dogg München

Snoop Dogg accuses Swedish authorities of racially profiling

US rapper Snoop Dogg has uploaded videos to Instagram in which he alleges he was racially profiled by Swedish authorities on suspicion of drug possession at the weekend.

Uppsala police have confirmed that they brought the musician in for questioning on Saturday, and said that after performing a drug test he left around an hour later. They said that he was arrested because officers believed he was under the influence.

However, far from amused by the situation, the 43-year-old rapper took to social media site Instagram to explain what happened, and even uploaded a video while under detention. In the footage he said: “We getting sweated by the police right now,” before posting another video from the back of a police vehicle.

He went on to say that they were pulled over for nothing, taken to the police station, and made to urinate in a cup, before insisting that he had done nothing wrong and only came to Sweden to perform a concert. He later posted another clip in which he said: “… they didn’t find shit.”

Snoop has now said that he would never return to the Scandinavian country because of the incident as he is sure he was racially profiled.

Uppsala police have since said that they have not received the results of the urine test yet.