Stockholm hotel terrorised by disgruntled badger

A plush hotel in the Swedish capital Stockholm was put into lockdown on Friday after an angry badger prevented guests and employees from entering or leaving, forcing staff to call in the police to sort the situation.

The Stockholm police’s website explained that a stressed-out badger was stopping staff and clients at one of central Stockholm’s main hotels from picking up their bags and from leaving in their cars.

The incident at the Radisson Blu started at around 5:00am and went on for 40 minutes, until police eventually decided enough was enough. The police statement said that the stressed badger was refusing to leave so they were forced to call upon the local wildlife services to sort out the problem.

However, the animal fled the scene before the wildlife services arrived and normal service as resumed soon after. The police added that they were not sure what the badger was so unhappy about.

The picturesque city of Stockholm features many lakes, canals and forests that are teeming with wildlife such as elks, hares and, of course, badgers.