Iceland and Greenland among Indian travellers’ new popular destinations

Indian holidaymakers are becoming increasingly more adventurous in their travels, with data showing that countries such as Iceland and Greenland are likely to receive a large rise in the number of tourists from the Subcontinent.

A new trend report from internet search site Skyscanner showed that Indians are eager to escape the sweltering heat of their homeland and looking to travel to cooler climes this summer. Between January and April this year, searches for international destinations on the site have grown by 101 per cent and domestic destinations by 60 per cent compared to the same three months last year, revealed Skyscanner.

Skyscanner India’s senior marketing manager Kavitha Gnanamurthy noted that India’s growing middle class are becoming more experimental this year in terms of travel destinations, adding that longer and more expensive holidays to newer destinations are increasingly popular.

Among the most popular search destinations are Iceland, Greenland, UAE, Thailand, Bhutan and Morocco, while Croatia’s rise as a major European travel hotspot has encouraged Indians to search for flights to the Adriatic nation, with the site revealing that there has been a 152 per cent year-on-year growth in searches to the former Yugoslav state.

However, northern European countries Iceland and Greenland have proven even more popular, recording a year-on-year growth in searches of 210 per cent. The countries that have seen the biggest increase in term percentage of Indians looking to travel there, however, are Morocco and Bhutan, which saw a 261 per cent an 244 per cent rise respectively in number of searches of the three-month period.