Biennial Icelandic horse show Landsmót set to tölt through Hella in June

Iceland’s biennial horse show, Landsmót, is set to take place this year at the end of June in Hella in the south of the country. Landsmót is the prime event showcasing the Icelandic Horse breed, featuring various competitions and horse displays.

The 2014-programme, which is set to take place between 30th June and 6th July, is full and varied, and everyone should be able to find something of interest. There are various classes of competition ranging from children’s classes, with riders 13 years old and younger, up to the A and B classes, where top riders and horses display all the different gaits of the Icelandic Horse breed.

Top-level breeding horses (mares and stallions) will also be shown, as well as the best ‘tölt’ gait competition in Iceland. Other entertainment is also available in the form of music, dancing, singing and mixing with an international crowd of horse enthusiasts.

The history Landsmót reaches back to 1950, when the first such show was held at Þingvellir. At that time, there was only one category for riding horses to compete in – a single class of all-around quality riding horses – besides races and breeding shows. From there, the national horse show was held every four years until the Association of Riding Clubs in Iceland decided the event should take place every other year.

In addition to the event, the location of Landsmót, Hella, is surrounded by some of Iceland’s best natural landmarks, including geysers, volcanoes, waterfalls, national parks, caves, and lava fields.

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