West Fjords

Three-year marketing project for Iceland’s Westfjords set to launch with new video experience

Various Iceland-based partners, including Tjarnargatan, will be working in conjunction with Visit Westfjords as part of a new three-year marketing project promoting the Westfjords in the north west of Iceland.

The project will be managed by Visit Westfjords and is set to be by far the largest marketing project that the municipalities of the Westfjords have partaken in. The project is intended to draw attention to the Westfjords as a destination for tourists and to emphasize its already good image.

The project will be showcasing a digital dream trip around the Westfjords, which is comprised of a compilation of videos showing all that the Westfjords has to offer.

The Westfjords is a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland that has been dubbed one of the ‘World’s Best-Kept Secrets’.

Tjarnargatan, a Reykjavík based production company, will be working on the campaign with Visit Westfjords, and according to Díana Jóhannsdóttir, manager of Visit Westfjords, it was relatively easy to get all the partners on board and everyone was eager to start the process.

“We are very excited to be working on this elaborate project. We are on the process of gearing up with all the best equipment and are looking forward to capturing all that Icelandic nature has to offer and portraying it in an innovative way,” explained Einar Ben, Co-Owner of Tjarnargatan.