New burger restaurant hires girls in hot pants as waitresses

A controversial restaurant chain wants women prepared to dress in denim hot pants to serve burgers and milkshakes.

The chain, Hot Buns, is launching a three-floor fast-food joint in Gothersgade, Copenhagen, in the next couple of weeks. The idea is similar to US chain Hooters, where waitresses are generally big-breasted, young women in revealing outfits.

The online job description for Hot Buns said that all candidates must be outgoing, good with people and comfortable with the fact their work attire will consist of a tank top and denim shorts.

However, not everyone thinks the new restaurant is a good idea, with women’s rights organisation Dansk Kvindesamfund saying the uniform is “demeaning” for women.

Meanwhile, Socialdemokraterne’s youth party (DSU) has also thought about getting involved. DSU head Camilla Schwalbe said that eating fast food usually makes people guilty, but going to this restaurant should leave people with a bad taste in their mouths and feeling extra guilty.

Former waitresses from other Hot Buns branches have admitted boys were never hired as waiters.

Owner Mathias Kaer was unavailable for comment but previously confirmed the new waitresses would be wearing the revealing uniforms in the new Gothersgade restaurant.