Björk to play concert in protest at changes to conservation laws

Icelandic singer Björk is to headline a concert in protest at her country’s government’s plans to change conservation laws. The musician will be the star attraction at the event, which will be held at Reykjavik’s Harpa Concert Hall on 18 March.

Other artistes lined up to perform at Patti Smith, Of Monsters and Men, Lykke Li, Samaris Mammít, Retro Stefson and Highlands.

The one-off concert has been organised by Icelandic environment association Landvernd, the Iceland Nature Conservation Association (INCA) and American filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, whose movie Noah was filmed in the North Atlantic country in 2012 and is due to premiere on the same day at the Sambíóin Egilshöll Cinema.

The organisers, operating under the name Stopp!, want to encourage the Icelandic government to protect certain areas of the country’s natural environment and put measures in place regarding how its geothermal energy is used in the wake of new legislation.