Breivik reportedly threatens hunger strike over video games

Breivik roundup: killer defends mental state as nation stands defiantBreivik reportedly threatens hunger strike over video games. The Norwegian mass killer has reportedly said he will go on a hunger strike if he is not given better video games among other demands.

Breivik, 35, is serving 21 years in jail for murdering 77 people in the worst peacetime massacre ever seen in Norway, has said in his letter of demands to prison officials that the conditions he’s living in are “torture”. He said he wants to be able to communicate freely, have better walking accommodations and a PS3 game console.

According to reports, Breivik noted that other prisoners are permitted to play adult games while he only has access to children’s games such as Rayman Revolution. He also demanded a new chair as his current one is too “painful”, saying that it is living in hell and won’t be able to survive for long.

He went on to warn that if he does die, all right-wing extremists in Europe will know who tortured him, which could have consequences for the individuals involved as well as longer term consequences when the country is governed by a fascist regime in the future.

Breivik said if conditions were not improved then a hunger strike would be one of his only options. He added that he would not end the strike until police stopped treating him like an animal.