Swedish thieves target wealthy Norwegians

norway police littlePolice in Oslo have reported an increase in robberies from Swedish thieves who’ve headed west to target wealthy Norwegians.

The Norwegian capital’s Majorstua Police Station police superintendent Geir Ellefsen said they have noticed in recent years that more Swedish gang members are travelling to Norway to take advantage of their anonymity, and it appears as though the trend is likely to continue through 2014.

Ellefsen’s statement came as four Swedes were arrested in Oslo on Monday, charged with four counts of burglary in the space of a week. Norwegian authorities arrested the men as they were leaving the hotel they had been staying in. Police discovered stolen items from the four different apartments upon checking their room.

The superintendent said the majority of Swedish gang members who are now operating in Norway are known among the Swedish police, and they are choosing to travel to Norway because of their anonymity and the greater wealth of their neighbours’ citizens. He added that they are fully aware there is more wealth in Norwegians’ homes.